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The Safe Outdoor Space exists as a safety net for Salida's workforce.

Our mission is to prevent job loss and keep our community members safe while they search for permanent housing. Our objective is to bridge the gap between homelessness and stable housing by creating a supportive community environment that helps meet basic human needs.


COST:  $250

*includes $25 refundable permit deposit

All applicants must be referred from partner organizations within the COC

who is the ideal SOS participant?


Individuals with income who are striving to attain permanent housing.


Valid Driver's License, Car Insurance, Current Registration in Chaffee County.


Respect for Quiet Hours 10pm - 8am daily.


Able to resolve conflicts in a respectful and productive manner.


Able to follow all park rules including no weapons, drugs, theft, violence, or discriminatory behavior. 


Able to take all possessions, pets, and children with them every time they leave the premises. 


Able to restrict their visitors to the park during park hours 8am - 10pm


Able to clean up after their pets and keep them on leash in the SOS lot only. No pets are allowed in the park.


Able to refrain from having any fires of any kind and limit cooking to approved personal stove or the grill provided in the pavilion


Able to keep their parking space clean and free of trash/debris and participate in a weekly park cleanup.


Able to use provided handwashing and gray water disposal stations and follow safe sanitation procedures.


 Able to adhere to all community values and agreements in their entirety, be an active member of the SOS community.


Failure to comply will result in IMMEDIATE EXPULSION with NO REFUND.

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