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Who Does BETCH Stand For?

BETCH is all of us as a unified front, joined together for a common cause. A cause that is as noble as it is urgent: the fight against the housing crisis that grips our community.

BETCH is a banner of hope. It is our rallying cry, our battle hymn, and our testament to the power of solidarity. For we know that in unity there is strength, and in collective action there is hope.

We have come together, renters and employees, parents and community members, frustrated and fed up with the status quo. We have come together because we are the people most impacted by the housing crisis. We are the ones who feel the pain of this crisis in our bones, in our wallets, and in our souls. But we are not just victims.

We are also warriors.

We are fighters for justice, for equality, and for the right to live with dignity and respect. We are here to ensure that our voices are heard, that our needs are met, and that our vision for a better Salida becomes a reality.Our fight is a multi-faceted one. We advocate for policies that reflect our needs, we provide direct financial support to renters, and we create committees to build community and support for those struggling. We do all of this by amplifying our voices and making sure that our collective plight is recognized and addressed. But let us not forget, my friends, that our fight is a noble one. We are fighting for a better Salida, a community where businesses can thrive, where equitable housing and wages are the norm, and where everyone can live.

For we are Salida.

We are your family and friends, your raft guides and your mountain runners. We are your bike techs and your teachers, your firefighters and your nurses. We are essential to this community, and we have a right to live here. So let our voices ring out! Let them echo through the streets of Salida and beyond! Let them be heard by those in power and those who seek to deny us our rights. For when we work together, they cannot dismiss us. Let us continue our fight with determination, with courage, and with hope. For we know that our cause is just, and that together, we will prevail.

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