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Letter of Support SB23-213

For more information on SB23-213 click here


Hey Colorado Senate Committee for Local Government & Housing,

Salty here, Prez and Founder of BETCH (Bringing Everyone Together through the Crisis of Housing). We're all about making affordable housing a reality, and we're super excited about SB23-213.

This bill is a game-changer because it creates a statewide, coordinated effort to build more affordable housing and tackle zoning issues that can slow us down. As you can imagine, this is music to our ears. This bill will help make affordable housing a reality by cutting through red tape and promoting smart growth. It’s time to stop zoning out and start zoning in on the needs of our communities. Let’s be real, no one wants to deal with long and unpredictable housing development reviews.

We're based in a rural resort community, so we know first-hand how important it is to keep pressure on our municipalities to streamline the affordable housing effort. It’s a lot of work to advocate for missing middle housing, ADUs, and higher density. SB23-213 will help us do just that by promoting smart growth principles that support economic mobility, social equity, and environmental sustainability.

We're thrilled that SB23-213 will help make more locations viable for affordable housing development, making it easier to match existing zoning regulations to current and future housing needs. And let's not forget about the by-right approvals that will speed up development times while reducing the potential for costly litigation and appeals.

SB23-213 is the type of comprehensive and innovative approach we need to build better, more diverse affordable housing options. It's a critical step towards making affordable housing accessible to all families in Colorado.

So, let's get this bill passed and start building the safe, stable homes that Colorado families deserve.

Thanks for your time and attention.




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