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The Mission: To create a community-focused, safe location for our unhoused neighbors who work in town. We acknowledge that a sense of community is essential to the fight against homelessness and not a fight against those who are homeless.


Salary: $1,500 per month for 5-6 months.


Benefits: Position includes a free overnight parking spot with the Safe Outdoor Space (SOS) and usage of all SOS facilities for the duration of the term of service.


Qualifications: Strong interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to remain calm and friendly when confronted with upset visitors. Capability to physically get out and make rounds around the facilities. Must have a valid driver’s license and a mobile residence, which can include a car, RV, trailer, bus, or van. Although not routine, physically demanding work may be required from time to time.


Time Commitment: At least 28 hours of service time per week for a maximum of 6 months. Includes most weekends and holidays. This time commitment will be divided between two hosts, providing the potential to have 3 full days off in a row. Ideally, scheduling will be negotiated between the two.

Supervision and Training Provided: Hosts will be supervised and assisted by the BETCH Oversight Committee, volunteers, and Director in registration procedures, rules and regulations, and host responsibilities. Training will include all aspects of hosts’ role, clear policies on conflict resolution, de-escalation, disciplinary action, and boundaries for friendships with residents.


Duties will include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Serve as a liaison between park users and park staff.


  • Greet and assist visitors, answer questions, and explain the SOS Values and Agreements. 


  • Distribute SOS values and agreements and materials about the SOS to the surrounding community. 


  • Assist residents in locating a site and have knowledge of local points of interest and the location of services that might be requested by residents. 


  • Maintain relationships and communication with residents. 


  • Pay attention to residents and potentially negative behavior patterns. 


  • Light maintenance work around the SOS such as litter pickup, sweeping, straightening barrier posts, sweeping cobwebs, weeding, and stocking of restrooms. 


  • Providing information to park staff on potential problems, and disseminating information to residents.


  • May assist in SOS public relations, educational activities, and special events/activities.


  • Cleaning SOS by performing minor maintenance tasks such as raking the site pad, cleaning community tables, picking up litter, and reporting any damage to your supervisor.

    • Each site must be cleaned weekly and before/after every resident checks in/out.


  • Host shall not attempt to discipline or apprehend any park violators. Host will report all disturbances to park staff.



  • You are to inform residents of values and agreements and are not to participate in any high-risk activity.


  • Host must set a positive example by being a model resident, practicing good housekeeping at all times in and around their assigned site, and by upholding all SOS Values and Agreements.


  • Be aware of activities within the Safe Outdoor Space requiring immediate attention - ranging from a tree needing to be trimmed to a problem resident. Notify the director as soon as these problems arise.


  • Host must be able to listen to & accept feedback/complaints from both residents and neighbors alike, as well as maintain a professional and courteous relationship with coworkers, neighbors, residents, and park/city staff.


  • Keep a written record of complaints/criticism of park facilities, report situations that could affect the health and safety of visitors, and report any maintenance items which need immediate attention. 


  • May maintain daily logs and other written records as requested by the SOS director.


*May be assigned other duties and projects not listed above.*

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